My other online journal is a TRANS AM. (notquitedeadyet) wrote in michiganxkids,
My other online journal is a TRANS AM.

Hey Rockers! Bring your ass to Saginaw/BayCity!

Hello, my name is David Smith. I produce and promote all-ages shows in the Saginaw/BayCity area that combine live music with visual artwork on display and open-mic poetry. I work with alot of local musicians/artists/poets under the group "Full Spectrum Collective". You can check us out on myspace at

If you're a band/musicians, poet, or visual artist that would like to be apart of one of these events that please check out the myspace and drop me a line. I'd love to get you/your-band, artwork, or poetry presented in the Saginaw/BayCity area in the near future.

 for more info.
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